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I began working with Mauser Insurance in 2009. I’ve been with them ever since. They’ve always been exceptionally reliable and informative when I reach out to them with questions. I started my career in agriculture and was recommended working with them from a family member and they were right on the money about a solid, sturdy family-run business. They really put effort and care into working with the community. — Mark, 2019

I’d worked with a few different crop/farm insurance companies over the last few decades but found them to never make me feel like a priority. I sat down with Derek to discuss some of their policies and he spent time getting to know ME, my business, and my needs. It felt totally personal and he was happy to steer me in the right direction. Ever since I began working with them, it’s been a great experience. The whole team at Mauser Insurance makes you feel like family, and that’s something I never experienced until deciding to go with them as my top crop insurance team. —Jackson, 2019

Switching to Mauser Insurance was the perfect move for me and my farm because of their affordable rates and their A+ service. They always know you by name and not just your account number. It doesn’t feel like I’m doing “business” with them, I feel like they’re my right-hand partners on my business journey. They care about seeing you grow and succeed, and that’s what makes them the top Midwestern insurance provider that I’ve ever found. —Renee, 2019

I don’t normally write reviews for companies, but working with Mauser Insurance has been such a fantastic decision. They are a great help with finding the right policies for you and are prompt, responsive, and are there for you when others will not be. It’s taken a huge weight off of my shoulders working with them. You won’t be disappointed! —Dan, 2019

I’ve been an insurance agent working in Iowa for many years and have issued policies for farm + crop insurance for many years, as well. However, there’s just so much to know about this specific industry and I finally decided to switch over and partner with Mauser Insurance so I could funnel all of the tricky and important agriculture questions to them. It’s been a great idea to actually go to them for all of these policies because they specialize in this industry alone — and it means they’re on top of their game. I think a lot of other insurance agents should consider working with them and I plan to for the foreseeable future. Thanks for being so helpful! —Tim, 2019

I love working with Mauser Insurance because they are so easy to talk to and answer all of your questions in fast and experienced ways. Whether it’s a phone call or email, they’re on top of it. I would highly recommend giving them the opportunity to prove to you that they deserve your business. —Mike, 2019


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