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Crop Hail Insurance

STACKING INCOME PROTECTION PLAN STAX - 35/36 is one of the premiere insurance policies offered by Mauser Insurance to farmers and growers throughout the Midwest region. Grow your future.



Crop Hail is an insurance product that is not subsidized or regulated by the government under the Federal Crop Insurance Program. Unlike the Multiple Peril Crop Insurance policies of the federal program, Crop Hail policies can be purchased at any time during the growing season (time limits will apply on some wind exposures). It is written by private insurance companies who offer coverage to growing crops with various coverages depending on the state, crop, and endorsements selected. It is a beneficial coverage for crops when the yield is reduced by the primary causes of hail or fire.

Crop Hail is unique in that it allows the farmer (insured) to select the type of insurance and coverage per acre for their crops based on a per acre limit established by the insurance company. In the event of a loss, the percentage of the loss determined is applied to the amount of coverage on the crop on a per acre basis to determine the payable indemnity.

Crop Hail Insurance covers losses directly resulting from hail, fire, lightening, collision and upset during transit of the crop, vandalism/malicious mischief, and in some crops, wind, for an additional amount of premium. Crop Hail does not cover drought, flooding, freezing, frost, or other causes of loss not specifically named in the policy or its endorsements. SEE OUR OTHER PLANS HERE.